Church of St. Anne in Trebizond

The Church of St. Anne is located north of the citadel in an old quarter of Trebizond (modern Trabzon). Basil I had many churches repaired that had suffered during the iconoclastic period. It is possible that St. Anne was one of them. Triple-apsed barrel-vaulted basilica with clerestory and crypt arranged for graves, now gutted. The apses, unusual for Trebizond and indicating an early date, are semicircular. There are west and south doors. Its inscription, recording the restoration of the church in 884/85, refers to the present structure, the church must have been rebuilt from its foundations, for it is all of a piece. Beside the south door relief, classical Ionic capitals were reused, the earliest paintings have been dated to the twelfth century and its latest portrait is dated 1413. It remained in Greek hands until 1923, when it became known in Turkish Küçükayvaz Kilisesi (“Little Servant Church”).

Plan by Balance

Map of Trebizond


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Trebizond Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

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