Temple of Athena Nike

The Temple of Athena Nike stands at the southeast edge of the Acropolis. The Classical temple, designed by architect Callicrates and built in 426-421 BC, succeeded earlier temples also dedicated to Athena Nike. The construction of the Classical temple of Athena Nike was part of the Periclean building project on the Acropolis.

The history of this structure has been quite tumultuous. In the 5th century, the temple was converted into a church. In the Ottoman period it was used as a munitions store. During the siege of Morosini, in 1686, the Turks demolished the temple and used its building material to erect a fortification wall in front of the Propylaia and a tall tower, the so-called Koulas. The temple was restored soon after the Greek War of Independence, in 1835, and again in 1930s. 

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Temple of Athena Nike by Carl Werner (1877)

From the Benaki Museum

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