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Fragment of a Togate Statue of Diocletian

Roman, about 295-300

Asia Minor marble, 35 cm

Head, neck and part of the toga of Diocletian. The hairline is squared above the brow with one shallow and one deep furrow. The hair is short, the locks incised and combed forward toward the forehead. The ridge above the eyes is prominent and both eyebrows and the upper eyelids are sharply arched. The eyes gaze upward. The mouth is turned down with dimples at each corner and under the lower lip. A short beard and moustache are indicated by stippling. The preserved drapery is gathered at the back of the neck. The right side of the head above the temple has broken away and part of the nose is missing. Covered in a yellow-brown patina on the right side, but the left side remains white.

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