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Istanbul Archaeological Museums
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Istanbul Archaeological Museums by Fatih Cimok

Istanbul Archaeological Museums (Byzantine Legacy Album)

Icon Fragment of St. Euphemia.jpg

Icon fragment of St. Euphemia

Marble, 13th-14th century

Acanthus archivolt fragments.jpg

Acanthus archivolt fragment from the west niche 
Marble, late 13th century 

Inlaid Column.jpg

Inlaid Column

Marble, 6th century

Gravestone of Metropolis Stephanos.jpg

Gravestone of Metropolis Stephanos

Marble, 14th century

St. Euphemia and Lausus excavations.jpg

Archaeological finds the Antiochus/St. Euphemia and Lausus Palace excavations

Fragment of a fresco.jpg

Fragment of a fresco

13th-14th century

Glass Bowl.jpg

Glass Bowl
9th-10th century

Spatheia (Type of Amphora).jpg

Spatheia (Amphora)

5th-6th century

Fragment of a glazed plate with relief o

Fragment of a glazed plate with relief of an empress
12th-13th century

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