Byzantine Sculpture

Woman with a Scroll
Late 4th–early 5th century

Possibly Empress Flaccilla

c. 380–390

4th century

4th century

Sarcophagus with Scenes from the Lives of Saint Peter and Christ

Roman, early 300s

Fragment of a Marble Tomb Relief with Christ Giving the Law

Late 300s

Sarcophagus with a Greek Physician

Rome, early 300s

Capital with Archangel Michael

c. 1250–1300

Table Base with Jonah

Asia Minor, early 300s

Statuette of the Personification of a City


Statuette of a Woman

5th–6th century

Steelyard Weight with Byzantine Empress


Head of a Woman

5th century

Chariot Mount with Three Figures


Ivory statuette of a reclining woman

3rd–4th century

Bollard with a Fisherman

Early 5th century


4th–5th century

Marble Decorative Panels 

10th–11th century

Egyptian Funerary Steles 

6th–7th century

Lintel Fragment


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The Byzantine Legacy
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