Church of St. Tryphon in Nicaea

The Church of St. Tryphon was building in Nicaea (modern İznik) built during the reign of Theodore II Laskaris (1254-1258). St. Tryphon was of special important to Theodore II, who won an important battle on the opposite side of the Dardanelles after the saint appeared to him in a dream. The emperor established a new school there and became an important pilgrimage site at the time. It then vanished from history, until remains of a church were unearthed near the northern gate in 1947. It had cross-in-square plan with four central columns supporting a dome, triple apse, and a narthex. It measured around 12 x 22 m and was constructed of mortared rubble with bands of brick. It has been argued that the adjacent ruins, which suggested that the church had a series of side rooms, belong to the school built during the reign of Theodore II.  

Hypothetical plan by Foss

Map of Nicaea


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Nicaea Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

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