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Venetian-Byzantine Architecture

All across the city, Venice shows complex influences of Byzantine, Islamic and Gothic architecture. It is under the rule of Byzantium, that Venice came into existence. While little remains from the earliest period, it can best be seen in Torcello Cathedral, north of Venice. The Basilica of Saint Mark (San Marco), though, is the most spectacular example. Modeled after the Church of the Holy Apostles, it is is one of the best places to see a Byzantine church is all of its glory. There are other examples though. The Murano Church, just north of the main group of islands, dates to the 12th century and has a great example of a Byzantine mosaic floor. There is also Ca' da Mosto, a Venetian-Byzantine style palace from the early 13th century, which is the oldest building on the Grand Canal. The Fondaco dei Turchi is another 13th century example of Venetian-Byzantine architecture. It would later serve as the fondaco (a one-building ghetto) for the Ottoman Turks involved in trade in Venice.

San Marco



Ca' da Mosto

Fondaco dei Turchi 

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