Church of Hagioi Asomatoi

This is the church of Hagioi Asomatoi, dedicated to the Incorporeal Saints, or Angels. The church of the Asomatoi has been dated to the second half of the eleventh century. The structure was clumsily rebuilt in 1880, but an excellent restoration that began in 1959 cleared away the modem accretions and returned the church to its original condition. 
The plan is a Greek cross inscribed in a square, with a hexagonal dome supported internally by four columns; there is a shallow narthex to the west, and to the east the nave ends in an apse with smaller apses on either side. The decorative stonework on the exterior is similar to that which we have seen before in the church of the Holy Apostles, as is the design of the windows in the dome and in the arms of the Greek cross. These are all typical design features in Athenian churches of the eleventh century. The fragmentary frescos on the wall were uncovered during the restoration of the church; these have been tentatively dated to the seventeenth century. 

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