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Berat Castle and Church of the Holy Trinity

Photo by Jason Rogers

Antipatrea (modern Berat, Albania) was founded in the fourth or third century BC. Its early Byzantine name was Pulcheriopolis (“Beautiful Town”) when it became the seat of a bishop under Emperor Theodosius II (AD 408-450). In the Middle Ages, it was successively under Byzantine, Bulgarian (9th century), Norman (1082-1085), Angevin, and Serbian control, before being conquered by the Ottoman in 1417. Its current name comes from its medieval Slavic name Beligrad (“White Town”). The old town of Berat is situated on a hill with impressive Byzantine fortifications, which consist of 6th century walls of Berat strengthened after the 10th century and before the construction of the tower of Michael Komnenos Doukas in 1205. It also has several medieval churches, including Vlacherna Church, Church of St. Michael, and Church of the Holy Trinity built around 1300.

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