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Gülhane Park Cistern
Gülhane Park Cistern.jpg

The cistern located in Gülhane Park dates from the 5th to 7th century. The cistern has a rectangular plan measuring around 17 x 12 meters with a depth of 7 meters. It has 12 columns (3 rows of 4 columns) with Corinthian capitals, which support a series of vaults. Its walls are lined with hydraulic mortar. Its function is uncertain, but it could have been connected to a monastery. Although it was once used as an aquarium (which partly accounts for its current configuration), it is now closed to the public. 

Gülhane Park Cistern.jpg

Plan by Wulzinger


İstanbul'da Bizans Dönemi Sarnıçlarının Mimari Özellikleri ve Kentin Tarihsel Topografyasındaki Dağılımı by Kerim Altuğ

“Byzantinische Substruktionsbauten Constantinopels” by Karl Wulzinger


Byzantine Cisterns of Constantinople Photo Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

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