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Güzelcekemer Aqueduct

Güzelcekemer (Turkish “Beautiful Aqueduct”) is an Ottoman aqueduct bridge of the Kırkçeşme Supply System completed in 1563. It is one of several aqueduct bridges made by Mimar Sinan.  He tapered this structure from the foundations upwards and its piers have been reinforced with buttresses. It suffered extensive water damage from a flood in 1563, after which it was restored.
It is a monumental aqueduct bridge that passes over the Cebeciköy Stream. It is 165 meters long and 29.5 meters high. It has two tiers of arches – eleven on its upper tier and 8 on its lower tier. 



The Longest Roman Water Supply Line by Kâzım Çeçen

Sinan’s Water Supply System in Istanbul by Kâzım Çeçen


Aqueducts and Water Supply System of Constantinople Photo Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

Kırkçeşme Water Supply System Photo Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

Water Supply (Nicholas V. Artamonoff Collection)

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