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Küçükyalı Arkeopark
Küçükyalı Arkeopark.jpg

There are extensive ruins of a structure at Küçükyalı in what was once the Bithynian hinterland of Constantinople, now on the Asia side of modern Istanbul. The site centers on a rectangular earth platform (62 x 50 meters) that is supported by retaining walls. The lower level of the platform consists of a cistern. The larger portion of the cistern was originally covered by four rows of 28 brick domes that rested either on piers or columns. The cistern’s smaller eastern portion conserves its original roofing, dominated at the center by a monumental brick dome resting on four massive stone and brick piers. The site was first recorded at the beginning of the 20th century. It was long identified as the Palace of Bryas Palace and more recently as the Monastery of Satyros, which were both in the general area. The Palace of Bryas was built by Emperor Theophilus (829-842) apparently in imitation of Islamic palaces, while the Monastery of Satyros was built by Patriarch Ignatios in the mid 9th century. Ruins of a church and bath are located around 5 km southeast on the coast near Dragos Hill.

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Küçükyalı Arkeopark.jpg
Küçükyalı Arkeopark.jpg
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