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Monastery of Medikion

The Monastery of Medikion was a center of resistance to Iconoclasm in Asia Minor. Medikion was founded in the 780s by the monk Nikephoros, half a kilometer south of the Bithynian town of Trigleia and 2 km from the Sea of Marmara. The Monastery of St. Sergios of Medikion was founded by St. Nikephoros. The monastery reached its peak under its hegoumenos St. Nikephoros (died 813) and his successor, St. Niketas (died 824), an iconodule confessor, who were both buried in the narthex of the church. In the 11th century when Medikion was granted to Michael Psellos, it was also called the monastery of the Holy Fathers. Although Medikion disappears from literary sources after the 11th century, it continued to function as a monastery until the modern period. The basilican church, the north aisle of which was separated from the nave by square piers, dates to at least the 8th century. It is possible that it dates even earlier, if it partially preserves an earlier church on the site. 


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