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Nakilbent Street Cistern

There is a cistern around 100 meters south of the Hippodrome’s sphendone. It is now under Nakkaş, a carpet shop on Nakilbent Street. The cistern, which perhaps dates to the 5th century, might have been part of the Great Palace of Constantinople or a building that served some purposes of the Hippodrome. It measures around 9 x 34 meters. It originally had two rows of 9 columns, but 7 of 18 columns were reinforced brick piers during the Ottoman era. Only 9 columns have the original Corinthian capitals surmounted by imposts.  Its roof also dates to the Ottoman era. Remains of the original staircase are in its northern corner. It currently has a hippodrome exhibition on based the reconstruction work from the Pera Museum exhibition “Hippodrome and Atmeydanı: A Stage for Istanbul's History” in 2010.

Photo from S. Casson and D. Talbot Rice

Plan of cistern and surrounding area by Müller-Wiener

Hippodrome Exhibition


İstanbul'da Bizans Dönemi Sarnıçlarının Mimari Özellikleri ve Kentin Tarihsel Topografyasındaki Dağılımı by Kerim Altuğ

“Preliminary Report upon the Excavations Carried Out in the Hippodrome of Constantinople in 1927” by S. Casson


Byzantine Cisterns of Constantinople Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

Hippodrome Exhibition at Nakkas Oriental Rugs & Textiles

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