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Monastery of St. Nicholas near Medea

The rock-hewn monastery of St. Nicholas is located along Papuç Stream less than a kilometer west of Kıyıköy (medieval Medea) on the Black Sea coast. The complex includes a church carved into the side of a hill around the 6th century. It is a three-aisled basilica with lateral aisles covered by barrel vaults. It originally had a pareklession extending beyond the carved rock and partial built out of brick that no longer survives. The church measures around 4 x 10 meters. It has basket capitals, a synthronon, and other architectural features carved from stone. While elements of the transenna panels have survived, the templon is fragmentary. At the southern end of the narthex are stairs leading to a hagiasma with a domed ceiling and four columns. To the west of the narthex is another chamber leading to a burial chamber to further to the west.

Plan by Eyice & Thierry.jpg

Plan by Eyice & Thierry


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Byzantine Thrace Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

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