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Palazzo Comunale of Genoese Galata

19th century Lithograph

The Palazzo Comunale was the residence of the Genoese podestà of Galata. It was constructed with the new Genoese city of Pera or perhaps a little after. It burned down in 1315 and was rebuilt the next year. The building was modeled on the Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa. It is a four story building, which was significantly altered in the 19th century during which time its distinguishing features of its façade were lost. During the Ottoman era, it became known as Hamdi Pasha Han and later known as Franchini Han.It is currently being restored. There is Genoese house across the street from the Palazzo Comunale from the same period.

Palazzo Comunale of Genoese Galata.jpg

Palazzo San Giorgio in Genoa

Photo by Twice25



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Galata Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

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