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Ruins at Peykhane Street
Ruins at Peykhane Street.jpg

Ruins under Terzioğlu Carpet Shop

The ruins of a complex of buildings are located under three modern buildings on Peykhane Street. They perhaps belong to a palace once located east of the Hippodrome and south of Binbirdirek Cistern (so-called “Cistern of Philoxenos”). 

The remains consisting of am early Byzantine structure with three apses and an adjacent rotunda were found under the business center Servet İşhanı. The apsed structure (measuring around 7 x 20 meters) has two apses opposite each other on its northern and southern ends with another on its western side. Additional early Byzantine remains were discovered under the adjacent carpet shop Terzioğlu Halıcılık. This structure, which was restored, measures around 6.40 x 15 meters. Fragments of Late Roman and Early Byzantine vessels uncovered during the excavations are now on display in the carpet shop. The remains of a vaulted structure (measuring 3.8 meters long and 0.6 meters high) were also found underneath the adjacent business center Nasip İşhanı. The remains of these structures are closed to public.

Ruins at Peykhane Street.jpg

Rotunda at Servet Business Center

Ruins at Peykhane Street.jpg

Apsed Structure at Servet Business Center

Late Roman Vessel Fragments from ruins a

Late Roman Vessel Fragments at Terzioğlu Carpet Shop

Brickstamps from ruins at Peykhane Stree

Brickstamps at Terzioğlu Carpet Shop

Plan by F. Özgümüş.jpg

Plan by F. Özgümüş

“2007 İstanbul  Suriçi Arkeolojik Yüzey Araştırmalası” by Ferudun Özgümüş


Ruins at Peykhane Street Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

Byzantine Palaces of Constantinople Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

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