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The Eastern Thracian city of Schiza (Σχιζἀ) was probably at the modern district Altınşehir along the northern shore of Kücükcekmece Lake. Schiza was only mentioned in passing by Anne Komene in reference to the revolt of Alexios I against Nikephoros III Botaneiates. Remains of a Byzantine monastery at Yarımburgaz Cave, along with an Early Byzantine fortress near the lake, are located here.

Fortress at Altınşehir

Traces of an early Byzantine fortress on the northern section of the lake were found. It is possible that this fortress was to protect the agricultural areas on the northern side of the lake.

On the Revolt of Alexios I against Nikephoros III Botaneiates from The Alexiad by Anna Komnene

“At the Emperor’s suggestion and suasion they set forth on the road leading to the capital. And all the men from the country-towns flocked to Alexius as volunteers and proclaimed him Emperor-the only exception were the men of Orestias who had an old grudge against him for having captured Bryennius, and therefore they adhered to the part of Botaniates. When they had reached the Athyras, they rested there for one day and then pushed on and reached Schiza (which is also a village in Thrace) and formed an entrenched camp there.”


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