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Church of the Archangels at Sige

The Church of the Archangels was located in Sige (now Kumyaka) on the Bithynian coast of the Propontis. Set in a village on the south shore of the Propontis (now the Sea of Marmara), the core of the domed basilica is preserved, although it underwent many later additions. The dome, around 6.5 meters in diameter, was raised above four corner piers and narrow arches. The apse, semicircular on the interior and polygonal on the exterior, extends almost the full width of the naos, with no traces of pastophoria or lateral apses. Arcades originally opened to the north and south. It has been dated to around 780 partially on stylistic grounds and partially on the interpretation of an inscription.

Sige map.jpg


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Album of Byzantine Bithynia (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

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