Uzun Kemer Aqueduct

Uzun Kemer (Turkish “Long Aqueduct”) is an Ottoman aqueduct bridge on the northern branch of the Kırkçeşme Supply System completed in 1563. It is one of several aqueduct bridges made by Mimar Sinan. A flood in 1563 damaged it, after which it was restored. 

Located on the north side of the same branch, it has two tiers of arches, is 25 meters high. It has 50 archers on its upper tier and 47 on its lower tier. Its length is 711 meters, making it the longest aqueduct bridge of the Kırkçeşme Supply System. Traces of an early Byzantine aqueduct suggested that Mimar Sinan built this aqueduct on the foundations on an earlier Byzantine aqueduct.

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The Longest Roman Water Supply Line by Kâzım Çeçen

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