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Hieron Castle

Hieron (Yoros) Castle is located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. It was perhaps built by Manuel I Komenos, with Geonese rebuilding. It was taken by the Genoese in 1350 and by Mehmet II in 1452.

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Entrance to the Black Sea by W.H. Bartlett (1838)

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Junction of the Bosporus and Black Sea by Edward Daniel Clarke (1810)

Istanbul Archaeological Museums

Tetragram ΑΠΜΣ (or possibly ΔΠΜΣ)
Ἀρχὴ Πίστεως Μυστηρίου Σταυρός
(The beginning of faith is the Cross of mystery)

Δεσπότην Μιχαήλ Παλαιολόγον Σώσον
([O Cross], save Despot Michael Palaiologos)



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Yoros Castle Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

Suburbs of Constantinople Album (Byzantine Legacy Flickr)

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