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Baths of Zeuxippos

The Baths of Zeuxippos were apparently rebuilt by Septimius Severus after he destroyed Byzantium in 196. They were later completed Constantine around 330, around the time Constantinople was inaugurated as his new capital. It was adorned with numerous ancient statues. The baths included shops and other business along the Mese, and the rent was used for the maintenance of the building.

Towards the end of the 5th century, parts of the bath are used to house prisoners. The building damaged in several fires in the area, but apparently restored each time. The baths and neighboring buildings were restored after being damaged by the Nika Riots in 532.

Parts of the bath functioned as a prison from the 8th century until the Palaiologian era. Imperial silk workshops were also active in the area of ​​the baths starting the late 8th century.

During work around Sultan Ahmed Medrese, the remains of large vaulted rooms were discovered in 1925. Excavations in 1927-1928 revealed remains of walls from the 6th century, as well as statue bases, allowing for its identification.

Istanbul Archaeological Museums

Marble Relief with Nereid

4th century

Statue Base of Hecuba 
Inscription EKABE
Statue Base
​Gardens of Hagia Sophia​​
Statue Base of Aeschines
Inscription AICXHNHC (Aischines)
Head of A Statue
Commencement of excavation

Photo by David Talbot-Rice 

From Birmingham East Mediterranean Archive

Column in Building 1

Floor of re-used column fragments

Plan from Bassett


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Zeuxippos (Byzantium 1200)

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