Tower of Eirene

The so-called “Tower of Eirene” is located on the northern corner of the Valide Han, a short distance from Süleymaniye Mosque. It is a square tower (measuring about 12 x 12 meters) and is estimated to have been around 27 meters tall. Its masonry suggests it dates to the Middle Byzantine era, but its function is unknown. Pierre Gilles (who traveled to Istanbul in the 16th century) mentioned the tower, which he named the Tower of Eirene. It was incorporated into the Valide Han went it was built in the 17th century. It is depicted in Melchior Lorichs’ fantastical panorama of Istanbul in 1559 (near a pyramid that never existed). It is now part of a spectacular panoramic view that the rooftop of the Valide Han provides.

Panorama of Constantinople by Melchior Lorichs 


Bildlexikon zur Topographie Istanbuls: Byzantion, Konstantinupolis, Istanbul by Müller-Wiener

The Bazaar in the Islamic City: Design, Culture, and History edited by M. Gharipour

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