Late Roman and Byzantine Art at the Louvre Museum

Emperor Triumphant (Barberini Ivory)

Constantinople (first half of the 6th century)

Diptych of Consul Areobindus.jpg

Diptych of Consul Areobindus

Constantinople, 506 CE

Ivory diptych with Circus Games (c. 400)

Ivory diptych with Circus Games (c. 400)

Leo I, Theodosius II, and Empress Fausta


Pendant of Empress Maria

Milan?, 398-407


Probably Empress Ariadne

Constantinople (late 5th-early 6th century)

Ivory pyxis with Christ and the Samaritan woman Eastern Mediterranean?, Second half of 6th century

Fragment ivory relief with St. Mark and his successors?

Alexandria? 7th century?

Plaque with the Prophet Joel (7th - 8th c.?)

Ivory plagues with the Mission of the Apostles and Crucifixion

Constantinople, second half of the 10th c.

Ivory panel with Christ Pantokrator

Constantinople, end of the 10th c.

Triptych with scenes from the Life of Ch

Triptych with scenes from the Life of Christ (10th century)

Icon of the Transfiguration of

Icon of the Transfiguration of Christ

Constantinople, c. 1200

Ceramic iconostasis plaques with the Vir

Ceramic iconostasis plaques

Constantinople Workshop, 9th-10th century

Sarcophagus with Christ teaching

Icon of Christ and St. Menas

Bawit (Egypt), 8th century

Reliquary case of the True Cross with sliding lid
Reliquary of the True Cross borne by two angels
Reliquary Casket
Medallion with a coin bearing the portra
Vase from Emesa
Plaque of Saint Simeon
Door of the church south.jpg
St. Menas.jpg
Fragments of a statue of Tetrarch
Funerary stele with eagle
Funerary stele with two orant
Funerary stele
Funerary stele with dolphins