Theodore Psalter

The Theodore Psalter

Stoudios Monastery in Constantinople, 1066

Tempora and gold on vellum (​208 fol.)

The psalter is named after its saint, the priest Theodore, who was born in the Cappadocian city of Caesarea and emigrated the capital, where he became a monk at the celebrated Stoudios Monastery. In 1066, he copied the Psalms and the Odes for the use of the monastery’s abbot, Michael. Theodore wrote in a flowing but formal hand. The gold initials, grand titles, and ornamented frames create an ambiance of luxury that speaks to the status enjoyed by the abbot of a powerful monastery - an ambience underscored by the portrayal of the abbot’s investiture by Christ, is modeled on an image often used to depict the divine foundation of imperial power.

Written by J. Anderson